Todd Bentley: It Rains Gold When I Preach….Literally


You remember Todd Bentley, right?

He’s the tattooed evangelist who cures cancer by punching people in the chest and kicks old ladies in the face to heal them of whatever ails them.

So, obviously you can trust anything he says.

Well, it seems he’s moved on from kung fu faith healing for the moment and on to bigger and better and shinier things.

Shiny as in gold.

According to Bentley, wherever he goes gold follows.

I hope the Hoffmans from Gold Rush see this video.

If they hired this guy they could stop digging around in the cold Alaskan mud and just follow Bentley around with bags collecting all that heavenly gold.

But, of course, that wouldn’t work because as we all know cameras expose the scam keep the miracle from happening.