This Is What It Looks Like When Captain America Becomes A Sermon Series


I freely admit that I have not listened to the sermons in this sermon series.

So, maybe the commercial and the website description are both wildly inaccurate or at least tongue in cheek.

It just really, really doesn’t seem like that.

With sermon titles like “One Nation Under God,” “Indivisible,” “Liberty,” and “Justice For All” it really, really sounds like Christian America: The Winning Soldier has the makings of the most shameless mix of faith and patriotism ever in the history of sermon series…or at least ever in the history of sermon series that mix faith and patriotism with a comic book spin.

But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

What’s really amazing to me is not just the series itself, but the fact that there are actually multiple Bible/Christian/religious themed movies in theaters right now (and coming soon) that could be used pretty easily and maybe even done well as a sermon series, but this church chose to go with Captain America instead.