Podcasting With Peru



Ok, so technically I didn’t do a podcast with the entire country of Peru.

I tried, but there were too many schedule conflicts to make it happen.

I did, however, sit down for a podcast with my new friend and missionary in Peru, Steve Bremner.

Since 2009, Steve has been a missionary to Peru, where he is involved in teaching and training disciples in a missional community called Oikos. He and his wife Lili share a vision to help train and disciple Peruvians to launch missional communities and churches throughout their nation. He also produces a podcast called Fire On Your Head and writes Kindle books.

We talked about a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a lot a bit about everything that went down a couple of weeks ago with World Vision.

I’ve done a few radio interviews before, but this is my first podcast, so my apologies ahead of time if you’re a podcast listening veteran and you’re like “Wow, Steve is great, but Zack is really terrible at podcast interviews.”

Fortunately for me, Steve is an old pro at this, so at least from my perspective, we had a good time talking.

So if you’ve got a little extra time in the day, you want something to listen to over lunch, or you’re just looking for anything to help you procrastinate, give a listen to the podcast. It’s super easy. In fact, it’s way easier than reading a blog post (which you’re doing right now).

All you’ve gotta do is hit play and the magical internet fairies will do all the work for you.