Creationist Cosmos: A "Science" Show Ken Ham Would Love


Science is all kinds of popular right now.

From Neil deGrasse Tyson’s revamped Cosmos to PBS’s Your Inner Fish which features one of those transitional species that creationists claim don’t (and can’t) exist, it’s been a rough few weeks for Ken Ham and his merry band of fundamentalists.

His epic showdown with Bill Nye is but a distant memory and his beloved Noah’s ark finally made it to the big screen…just not quite in the way he imagined.

But fear not Kenny!

The hilarious folks over at Funny or Die have put together a show the great Ham is sure to love.

Or maybe not.

It’s called Creationist Cosmos and it’s exactly what you would get if you melded Cosmos with the Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate.

And it’s wonderful.

So long as you remember that it’s not religion, God, or even the Bible that is being mocked here. It’s people like Ken Ham who abuse the Bible, warp it into something it’s not, then condemn everyone who refuses to reject reality that are being skewered.

And no, this is not Christian persecution.

Not that either of those qualifiers will stop the “Christians are being persecuted by the liberal media!!” and “The Bible is being mocked!!” comments that are sure to pop up, but I had to try.

So without further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.