Perfect Christmas Present Idea: Awkward Moments Children’s Bible


Perfect Christmas Present Idea: Awkward Moments Children’s Bible

Ok, so this may be more for the kid at heart than your actual kids, but if you love the Bible (or are just aware of its existence) and you’ve got a sense of humor, then this may be the perfect Christmas present for you or for one of your friends…to give you.

It’s called the Awkward Moments (Not Found In Your Average) Children’s Bible – Vol. 1.

I’ve only seen these pictures that my friend Kristen Howerton over at Rage Against the Minivan shared with me, but if the rest of the book is as amazing as these pages, then sign me up for volume 2 and every other volume that ever comes out.

The basic gist of the book, if you haven’t figured it out already (but of course you have ‘case you’re smart like that), is that all those awkward, disturbing Bible stories we usually gloss over or ignore altogether (like David collecting foreskins from his conquered enemies) are finally shown the love heretofore only revered for stories like Noah’s ark.

As you might expect the results are pretty hilarious.

So enjoy this little preview and when your done, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this awesome book today.