Knockout Games Are Bible Prophecy?


Oh, Third Eagle of the Apocalypse, how I’ve missed you.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared the genius of William Tapley and his prophetic insights into important subjects like the phallic evil of the Denver International Airport or how Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe were really warnings about the antichrist.

Well, Tapley is back (with some bling!!) to let us know that the knockout games which are supposedly are sweeping the nation right now, are actually “prophetic warnings to America….from the hand of Almighty God Himself” because God is ticked off at humanity for not recognizing that all “the fish, bird, and animal die offs” are really signs of the apocalypse.

So, in God’s creative wisdom God has sent hooligan teenagers to punch random people in the face, sometimes killing them, in order to alert us all to the fact that Vladimir Putin will soon conquer America.

Also, all of this is connected to Serena Williams wearing one black sneaker and one white sneaker at Wimbledon which symbolized the fall of America and Barack Obama.

Cause obviously.