Open Mic Week – Today’s The Deadline!!





We’re still looking for guest posters for our Open Mic Week, June 4th-8th.

But the deadline to send us your submission is today!!

If you’re a blogger, a writer, or you just have something interesting to say and want us to help you share it with the world, then check out the submission guidelines below and send us something by TONIGHT @ 11:59pm.

We’ll select the best posts and announce our guest posters next Monday.

This is your chance to take over our blog. So, don’t be shy. Send us something good to post….or send us something terrible along with a basket full of cash and we’ll definitely make sure you’ve got a spot reserved for Open Mic Night.

Yeah, that’s how we roll.



1. Submissions must be sent via email as an attachment to

2. Please include with your submission any relevant blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. information you would like us to link to should your post be selected

3. Submissions should be no longer than 1,000 words

4. Formatting, punctuation, grammar and good writing matter. So make sure you proofread your post before you submit it.

5. Submissions should connect in some way to the theme of American Christianity

6. Hate speech and profanity will not be posted. Sorry we’re family friendly.

7. All submissions must be emailed to us not later than 11:59 CST on May 21st

8. We will select the 5 submissions we like the most and announce who the guest posters will be, along with when their posts will go up, on Monday, May 28th

9. No complaining if your post is not selected. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t good or that we didn’t like it. To quote a response I’ve received myself from editors, it probably just didn’t “meet our editorial needs.”


*If you’ve have any questions about Open Mic Week, please don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section of this post.