Forget Healing The Sick, Cindy Jacobs Can Raise The Dead




If Todd Bentley kicks you in the face too hard, you may need Cindy Jacobs to come to your aid.

Why? Because Mrs. Jacobs claims she can raise the dead.

You know, the thing that’s always confused me about these “miracle workers” is why they don’t hang out at hospitals, or in the case of Cindy Jacobs, funeral homes, all the time.

I mean, if it was me and I had the ability to cure the sick or raise the dead I would be putting that skill to work as often as possible.

Likewise, if it was me, I would have a video cameras around all the time so I could document these miracles and force all my critics to eat their words.

You know, it’s almost as if they don’t spend more time performing miracles or documenting those miracles because they’re not actually performing any miracles.

But that can’t be the case. This video was posted on the internet and as we all know, you can’t post something on the internet if it’s not true, right?