Let’s Disqus Something




I’ve got a new commenting platform!

Ok, I realize that’s not very exciting, but I think you’ll like it, especially when there are posts like this one where the amount of comments can be overwhelming.

Disqus (pronounced “discuss”) is a fantastic commenting platform many of you are probably already familiar with. What makes it great on a really basic level is that is helps organize comments in a clear and accessible way. But there’s more…

In the past, you would have to scroll through all of the comments on a given post to find the one you were looking for or to simply get to the end of all the comments so you could share your thoughts. With Disqus, you can quickly and easily organize the comments based on which ones are the newest, oldest, or most popular. The “most popular” option is a really great feature because it means you can now vote on which comments you like.

There’s also a “Community” tab in the comment section that lets you easily keep up with on-going discussions in other popular posts. And finally, there is also a really cool “My Disqus” tab where you can see all of your recent comment activity and get notifications if someone has replied to one of your comments.

Anyway, you’ll also discover a few other little customization features when you start using the new commenting system that I think you’ll like, but I know you don’t want to read a long post about commenting platforms, so I’ll let you discover those features on your own.

My hope is that this makes the commenting process more inviting by making it more accessible and easier to navigate.

I’m a big fan of Disqus and I hope you will like it to. But if you have any problems using the new commenting platform, just let me know and I’ll do my best to help you out.