Benny Hinn Can Control God….And So Can You!!




We don’t post much about Benny Hinn.

Mostly, because all of us can agree that he’s ridiculous, absurd, and a really tacky dresser. However, I came across this book at our church’s rummage sale and it made me groan chuckle.

It’s a book on prayer that Benny wrote a while back which is guaranteed to “get results.”

Apparently, the prayers he teaches you in the book are so powerful that they force God to do what you want.

Notice the chapter highlighted by the red arrow.

That’s right.

Benny Hinn can control God.

And if he’s teaching you how to do the same, then that makes this book blasphemy priceless!

But of course, nothing’s really priceless. So, hurry on down to our church’s rummage sale where I’ll have this gem available for a modest love offering of $39.99 a month, every month, for the rest of your life.

Don’t wait! Supplies are limited!