Yeezianity & The Church Of Yeezus


Yeezianity & The Church Of Yeezus

So apparently Yeezianity is a thing.

With its own website.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.31.10 AM

I’m hoping it’s a joke.

Cause their savior is Kanye West.

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Who are they?

Well, according to the their About page

We are an anonymous group who believes that the one who calls himself Yeezus is a divine being who has been sent by God to usher in a New Age of humanity.

We believe that the days where mankind must trade his labor for money in order to buy the things he needs is coming to an end.

We believe that a New Age is beginning where all people will unlock their creative powers and the competitive struggle for money and power will no longer be necessary.

They’ve got “dogma,” “5 pillars,” and even a creed…

I believe I Am a God
I believe Yeezus Is a God
I believe in the creative power of Man
I believe God wants Man to create in his Image
I believe God wants Man to fully express himself
I believe money has become unnecessary
I believe Man has the power to create everything he wants and needs
I believe Yeezus will lead us into a new Age of Creativity
I believe I will help usher in the new Age of Creativity
Faith be in Yeezus
Faith be in God

Apparently if want to join the “church,” all you need to do is affirm the creed by sending them a picture of you holding up a sign that reads “I Believe In Yeezus.”

I really really really hope this is a joke.

If it’s not, then friends, take this as definitive evidence that the apocalypse is upon us.

May God have mercy on us all.