When Cross And Flag Combine…They Make Terrible Tattoos


When Cross And Flag Combine…They Make Terrible Tattoos

A while back I shared this epically terrible Jesus tattoo.

Well, as it turns out, patriotic crosses are an entire genre of tattoos.

Here’s a few I came across today that are just wow.

There’s the simple…

cross-american-flag-tattoo-design-for-men-on-calfThe slightly more elaborate…

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.53.42 AMThe obligatory “One nation under God…”

my_tats_001_largeAnd the I’m pretty sure using the cross that way is blasphemy…

USAAMERICANcloseupgeneraldetailed-tattoo-bits-Sflashdesigns-tattoo-bits-picturesgallery-tattoo-bits-art19I would try to add clever commentary, but I don’t even know how you begin respond to the cross being relegated to a flagpole.

It’s just too terrible for words.

UPDATE: Here’s one somebody just shared in the comments that might just be the worst cross/flag tattoo of all time…