This Week In Jesus – Volume 5


It’s been a while, too long in fact, since the last installment of This Week In Jesus; your summary all things Jesus.

I’m sure you’ve spent that time wallowed in anxiety and fear that there is a Jesus appearance or quirky Jesusy news story you didn’t know about. My sincere apologies for your suffering. No one should live in a world where Jesus appears in the char marks of a quesadilla and you don’t immediately know about it.

So, let your anxiety dissipate and your fear disappear for once again, here is this week in Jesus.

First up, the obligatory Jesus appearance.

According to WNEP, a man in Pennsylvania came face to fork with Jesus while dining on a chicken dinner at his house.

(Credit: Ernesto Hernandez)

Apparently there’s a simple explanation for this culinary vision and it all comes down to the spiritual gifts of the chef. As he explains,

I always kid to my wife she’s such a divine cook and I’m about to fork into my chicken and, lo and behold, there’s a picture of what looks like Jesus to me. It really kind of took me a back a minute.

It would be funny….if he wasn’t serious.

Speaking of the serious, but funny, Jesus got himself arrested this week in Philadelphia. And, no, it wasn’t for ruining somebody’s meal (though the evidence is beginning to mount that our Lord and Savior was indeed visiting the Keystone State this week).

Via Gawker, we now know that the Philadelphia police don’t like 1st century Jews ice skating in their town.

(Credit: Gawker)

Bunch of anti-Semites.

Sadly, Philly ain’t the only place where Jesus is getting arrested.

According to News10, a statue of Jesus was confiscated at a DHL facility in northern Kentucky after an x-ray scan revealed it contained 26 pounds of marijuana.

(Credit: News10)

Finally, for our last two stories, we diverge just a bit from Jesus to look at the world of faith and film.

Courtesy of Christian Nightmares, if you haven’t yet seen this video of Bible quoting Darth Vader, you’re gonna need to put your life on hold and do so immediately.

Speaking of Christian nightmares, last but not least, the Banana Man himself, Ray Comfort, is back with yet another assault on human decency and good taste in film making. This time he’s asking if you have the Audacity to tell gay folks that they’re going to hell.

Well, that’s it for this installment of This Week In Jesus.

If you know of any Jesusy stories I missed that need to be shared this week, do your brothers and sisters a favor and share them in the comments section below.