Unholy Night: A Nativity Story Remix




First, it was Pride and Prejudice that got the zombie treatment.

Then, we learned that Abraham Lincoln was in fact a vampire hunter.

Now, it seems that the nativity story is getting a remix of its own.

From best selling author, Seth Graham-Smith, comes Unholy Night, an imaginative retelling of the nativity story in which the three wise men are actually three murderous thieves who escape from Herod’s prison, accidentally run into Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus as they are fleeing Herod’s slaughter of the newborns, whereupon the three thieves “have no choice but to help them escape to Egypt.”

I’ve gotta imagine this book is going to go over really well with the fundamentalists. [insert sarcasm font]

Anyway, check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

Playful fun or blasphemous Biblical butchering?