Forget Mark Driscoll, This Pastor REALLY Hates Women


Forget Mark Driscoll, This Pastor REALLY Hates Women



Mark Driscoll has made his views on women in authority pretty clear.

But this guy makes Driscoll look like a feminist in comparison.

So who is this guy?

His name is Jesse Lee Peterson and according to this site he is the founder of a group called Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny.

Catchy name.

In an interesting side note, Fox News talking head Sean Hannity apparently sits on the advisory board of that organization.

Why? Who knows.

When Kirsten Powers tried to confront him about it in this video he dodged the issue.

But that’s beside the point.

Regardless of if, like Mark Driscoll and John Piper, you consider yourself a “complimentarian” or, like Jesus, you’re an “egalitarian“, this sort of rhetoric should never be spewed out of the mouth of a pastor.

It’s ridiculous, hateful, and absurdly un-Biblical.

Which is exactly why he fits in so well as a guest on Fox News.

[Sorry, cheap shot. I couldn’t resist. :)]