This Week In Jesus – Volume 4


I normally do my summary of all things Jesus at the beginning of the week, but this week I’m going with the wrap-up approach.

That way if something weighs heavy or hilariously on your heart, it’ll be fresh on your mind to discuss with your pastor on Sunday.

First up, be careful what you eat this weekend. You might just find yourself biting into Jesus.

Or, you know, a smudge that looks nothing whatsoever like a person.

But don’t tell that to David Duran of Alburquerque, NM who is convinced his Fuji apple bears the image of our Lord and Savior.

Next up, a no brainer.

If you’re having a musical themed scarecrow festival, as we all do all the time, what’s the first kind of scarecrow that comes to mind?

Jesus Christ Superstar scarecrow, of course.

Or at least that was the case for one woman in England this week.

This one is less news and more just hilarious.

Especially if, like me, you’re tired of the never ending onslaught of Candy Crush invitations on Facebook.

Courtesy of Tim Davis over at the always humorous Red Jaw Cartoons, comes this comic strip to which I can only say bwahaha and amen.

From a loyal reader, here’s your church sign of the day.

And, yes, that sign is very tragically real.

The reader took the picture himself.

Finally, and also courtesy of a loyal reader, a reminder to be really careful the next time you do laundry.

Why be so careful?

Because you don’t want to find yourself accidentally breaking one of the Ten Commandments.