This Week In Jesus – Volume 3


In an ongoing effort to keep you abreast of all the important and entertaining Jesus news, here’s everything you need to know/see/experience as we start a new week.

First up, and prepare yourself because this might come as a shock if you didn’t know about his awesome Jesus tattoos, Justin Bieber is apparently a big fan of Jesus.

(H/T Christian Nightmares)
Speaking of things you may not be aware of, did you know that Godzilla is the antichrist?

It’s true. At least according to the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse’s reader’s interpretation of a Fiat commercial.

In other words, this comes on good authority.

Next up, if you’ve ever stared at a piece of toast or smudge on the wall or a weird looking Dorito and thought you were seeing the face of Jesus, fear not. According to a new study, that’s a totally normal thing to do.

Forget building a new sanctuary, we all need to having church in caves cause as the Huffington Post proves, it just looks awesome.


And finally, if you’re gonna take a break from your diet this week, make sure you do it in a holy way.


(H/T @frognparis)