The Kung Fu Assassin Evangelist




Like this video says “truth is stranger than fiction.”

I’m not totally convinced, though, that this is “truth.” It feels like one of those goofy videos a church youth group might put together. The overly dramatic narration certainly doesn’t help.

It’s the classic “come to Jesus story”: boy was taken from his parents as a child, raised by his Shaolin monk grandfather to become a kung fu master, then he turned assassin/bodyguard, then through a downward spiral he turns into a blood thirsty ganster before ending up in a hardcore prison. Sometime after that, he finds Jesus and starts a travelling evangelism ministry. Classic.


However, after doing a little be of digging, this guy is apparently legit. At least in the since that he is really an evangelist, he really has a book called Taming the Tiger, and this is really his story/message/script for a Hollywood movie.

So, if it is true Tony Anthony has our most heartfelt apologies and we sincerely hope he doesn’t come and kill us in our sleep.

Then again, see if you can make it all the way through this one with out giggling at least once. I couldn’t.