Jesus Comes To Alabama…..To See Wiz Khalifa




Apparently Jesus is a big fan of Wiz Khalifa…..

Man sees face of Jesus in sky over Mobile’s BayFest 2011

By Paul Cloos, Press-Register

MOBILE, Alabama — Carlos McDaniel was at the Pepsi Stage at BayFest 2011 in downtown Mobile on Sunday, waiting for Wiz Khalifa to perform when he turned around and looked up in the sky.

He loves to take photos, is interested in images and was intrigued with the shape he saw around the moon.

So he took out his smart phone and snapped a photo. He looked some more and started to decipher the image.

McDaniel understands that different people see different things, but this is what he saw and he wants to share it because it had a powerful effect on him. He saw the face of God. More specifically, he sees the son of God, Jesus, with the moon appearing in the center of the forehead like the star of Bethlehem.

Above the face he sees a crown of thorns.

He said he intends to have the photo made into a poster he can place on his wall. “It brought tears to my eyes when I thought about it,” he said.

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