Teens Terrorized By Pornography Demons At Church Lock-In!!!



Teens Terrorized By Pornography Demons At Church Lock-In!!!

Did you ever see The Blair Witch Project?

I remember being stuck in the middle of a row of a theater with my head buried between by legs, sure I was gonna puke at any moment and panicking because I couldn’t get out to the bathroom.

Ugh, shaky cameras.

Anyway, The Blair Witch Project started the so-called found footage genre of movies, films that claim to be compiled of actual footage discovered after some crazy (usually scary) real life incident.

(See Chronicle or Paranormal Activity as more current examples.)

Well, apparently a couple of Christian comedians saw a found footage movie and thought, “We should do this, but with teens and a church lock-in and porn and demons!!”

Makes no sense.

It’s called The Lock-In and according to The Christian Post, the demons are “a metaphor for the true damage pornography can have in the lives of youth.”

Look, I’m not arguing that porn isn’t an epidemic. It is. But as a former youth pastor, I can tell you that the last thing teens are going to want to do (or be capable of doing) after watching a movie about pornography demons at a church lock-in is have a serious conversation about pornography.

And that’s to say nothing about the problems inherent in trying to scare teens into believing they’ll be possessed by demons if they look at porn.

But, of course, as with so much of youth ministry today, discipleship, honest reflection, and tough conversations come second to entertainment, easy laughs, and a few cheap thrills.