See You On Monday – The Chick-Fil-A Song





Manna from heaven.

Except on Sundays.

True story: When my great-grandmother Bonnie lived in Atlanta she had a neighbor named Truett Cathy. At the time Mr. Cathy had a new recipe for a chicken sandwich he was working on. He would bring the newest incarnation of his sandwich over to her house for feedback. I’m not sure how much influence she had on the recipe but there was one opinion she was sure to share with Mr. Cathy. My great-grandmother was a very devout woman, so she took the liberty of reminding Mr. Cathy that as a god-fearing man he better honor the Lord when he opened up his new restaurant by making sure it was closed on Sundays.

Now every time I get a hankering for a chicken biscuit on my way to church on Sunday mornings I think of my great-grandmother Bonnie…….and wish she had just kept her opinion to herself.

So, great-grandmother Bonnie this video is for you…..