Get your fundie preacher ringtones here!!



On slow days, I usually check out what good ol Steven Anderson has uploaded to his youtube page and VOILA: instant post material.  Today was one of those days, and I was just about to do a Mother’s Day post about Steven Anderson’s naked mom, when I came across something amazing.  One might even describe it as “life-changing.”


Ladies and gentlemen, I an honored to be able to officially announce that Steven Anderson and his like-minded preacher buddies are offering ringtones!  Have you ever been in line at the bank- or maybe in a crowded grocery store- and felt like you needed an angry fundamentalist screaming at you?  Well, wish no more because you can have all the offensive screaming you want right there in your iphone!


They are all found at– website tagline: ” Only the hardest preaching will be featured on this site. No boring preaching will be tolerated.”  (editors note:  Praise the Lord!)


My favorite part:  The fact that they offer former NBA star Tim Hardway’s homophobic rant from a couple of years ago.


We have posted the ringtones below, just in case something catastrophic ever happens to their website… like God smiting it or something.


StevenAnderson= “No, YOU’RE crazy!”


BobGray= “If you dont like this church, hit the road jack!”


JeffOwens= “Don’t burn flags, burn FAGS!”


CurtisHutson= “I preach easy believin”


TimHardaway= “I hate gay people”