Pat Robertson: Posting Ultrasound Pictures On Facebook Is Abhorrent, Draws Curses From Demonic Covens


It’s not really surprising anymore when Pat Robertson says something crazy.

What is kinda surprising, however, is that somehow he seems to outdo himself with each new crazy thing he says.

This time, he explains to a viewer why posting ultrasound pictures on Facebook is both abhorrent and will inevitably draw curses from demonic covens.

As you will see in the video, there are basically 2 major takeaways here.

1)Based on his “posting the most intimate parts of your body on Facebook” comment, it seems pretty clear that Pat doesn’t actually know what an ultrasound picture is.

2)Demonic covens have apparently given up on sacrificing babies (which is great) and now spend all of their time trolling Facebook. How Pat knows this is unclear. The only logical assumption I can make is he has joined a coven as part of an undercover FBI task force.