Pat Robertson: God Doesn’t Answer Some Prayers Because Sick People Enjoy Being Sick


One of the biggest challenges to faith is the problem of pain.

In other words, why does God allow so much suffering when it seems that God could rid the entire world of suffering if God chose to?

The problem, of course, extends to prayer and leaves us wondering why some of our prayers go unanswered.

Theologians have spent centuries trying to explain why the God who heals sometimes, other times apparently chooses not to heal people who pray for healing. Unfortuntately, a definitive answer has never been found.

Until now.

Thanks to the great and wise Pat Robertson we now know why God doesn’t heal some people who pray for God’s healing.

It’s because God knows they actually enjoy being sick and realizes their prayer is all for show and isn’t willing to heal that person because God knows it’s all just a con.

Either that or you just don’t have faith. Because obviously people who lack faith are the ones most likely to pray.

Oh, and there’s also a good chance God hasn’t healed you because you’ve sinned and as we all know from the Bible, God (especially Jesus) doesn’t work miracles for sinners which is why there are no miracles recorded anywhere in the Bible because everyone is a sinner.

You know, it’s really great of Pat to finally clear up the problem of pain for us with his trademark wisdom and unbridled compassion.

Now we know that if we pray and pray and pray for God to heal us and God doesn’t, it’s all our fault.