Pastor Challenges His Denomination Over The Ordination Of Women


I’m proud to be part of a denomination (the Church of the Nazarene) that has ordained women since our founding over a century ago.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for far too many denominations across the country and around the world.

But one Nashville area pastor is taking a bold stand and risking his job to end the sanctified subjugation of women in his denomination.

Pastor Frank Stevenson of St. Luke Primitive Baptist Church recently took the bold step of granting preacher’s licenses to 15 women in his church in defiance of his denomination’s prohibition against the ordination of women.

As spelled out clearly in a letter from denominational leaders, it’s a move that could cost him his job and his credentials.

But Pastor Stevenson doesn’t care.

And neither does his congregation which is standing defiantly by his side.

In his own words, “That is not of God, and I plan to challenge it in every aspect even if it costs me everything I have worked for in my ministry.”

I don’t know about you, but I think I just found a new favorite preacher.

Make sure you check out the video below and then join me in helping to spread the word about what Pastor Stevenson and his congregation are doing.

The church needs more pastors (and churches) like Frank Stevenson and he (and his congregation) deserves all the support he can get in his efforts to bring out the sort of change the church desperately needs.