Open Mic Week – Guest Post Lineup


A big thanks to everyone that submitted posts for our Open Mic Week!

We really appreciate all of the submissions, not to mention the help covering our tails while we’re out of town.

We’ve got some great posts to share with you that we think you’re really going to like.

S0, without further ado, here’s the lineup of our guest posters for the week of June 4th-8th.


Monday, June 4th

Ryan Pugh – “I’m A Christian, I Don’t Like Worship Songs”


Tuesday, June 5th

Dawn Wyatt – “Girl Power”


Wednesday, June 6th

Daniel Elliot – “Who Are We To Doubt?”


Thursday, June 7th

Nate Pruitt – “House of Prayer”


Friday, June 8th

Very Special Surprise Guest Post


Open Mic Week is next week, so check back with us then for some great guest posts!

Although, you could continue to visit between now and then as we would appreciate the company.