Not Your Average Christian Movie




Just came across this movie called Higher Ground and it doesn’t look like your “normal” Christian movie.

For starters it’s rated R. Except for Passion of the Christ I can’t think of another Christian movie rated R. So there’s that.

They also use the word “penis” in the trailer. Maybe it’s the Jr. Higher stuck in side of me that finds that mildly amusing, but once again, not sure I can think of another Christian movie that uses that particular word.

Finally, this movie seems like an honest portrayal of faith, at least from what little I can tell from the preview.

It starts with that wonderfully, awkward phenomena of raising your hand while “all heads are bowed and eyes are closed.” But then it appears to tackle some really interesting, often times taboo subjects like “sexual chemistry,” the bizarre phenomena of speaking in tongues, and drug abuse. Now, granted these issues have been covered in other Christian movies, but they usually involve the “sinner” before they come to Jesus, while in this movie the characters dealing with these issues are the “saints” who are struggling after they get saved.

Maybe it’s just me, but this looks interesting. What do you think?