This Nativity Set Is Brought To You By Coca-Cola


This Nativity Set Is Brought To You By Coca-Cola


I don’t know that you can find a more American Jesus nativity set than this one.

It’s cheap, tacky, poorly constructed, and overly commercialized.

[Insert rimshot here]

I have no clue who made it or where it comes from (my friend Diane sent it to me).

Based on the craftsmanship, I’m guessing maybe it belongs to an elementary age kid from a Christian school who totally forget to do their homework until 5 minutes before the bus showed up, so their parents frantically grabbed whatever they could find on the way out the door and this is the result.

Or maybe it’s the mischievous work a teenager with a good sense of humor who was tasked with doing a lame Sunday school project they had no interest in doing?

As someone who (in college) once presented plans for building a wooden cabinet with the presidential seal on it when my political science professor told me to do a “creative” presentation on the President’s Cabinet that I really didn’t want to do, I hope it’s the latter.