Jesus Politics Guest Posts – TODAY’S THE DEADLINE!!!


Jesus Politics Guest Posts – TODAY’S THE DEADLINE!!!




Don’t forget that today’s the deadline for submitting your guest post for the Jesus Politics synchroblog coming up October 22nd – 26th!!

Remember, I’m looking for guest posters willing to share why they are voting for either Mitt Romney or a third-party candidate and why they think other Christians should do the same. I’ll be adding them to a line up that also includes those who think Christians should vote for Obama and those who think Christians shouldn’t vote at all.

If you’re supporting Mitt or a different candidate altogether, then I want to hear from you!

Even if this is the first time you’re hearing about this, you’ve still got time to write something up. The deadline is not until midnight tonight.

The election is only a few weeks away, so we both know you’ve probably already decided who you’re voting for. Here’s your chance to borrow my platform to tell the rest of the church why they should do the same.

So, check out the guidelines here, and submit your guest post today!