Jesus Politics: Guest Post Lineup & Synchroblog Details


Jesus Politics: Guest Post Lineup & Synchroblog Details



I owe a big word of thanks to everyone who has either submitted a guest post or contacted me to let me know they plan on participating in the Jesus Politics synchroblog. I’m really looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say and I hope it turns out to be as lively a conversation as I think it will.

Below you will find the guest post lineup for next week, followed by instructions for those planning on participating in the synchroblog.

Keep in mind, the more voices we have contributing to the conversation, the better. So, if you know of any other bloggers you think would like to weigh in, please let them know about the synchroblog and have them send me the link to their post..



Monday, 10/22: Why Christians Should Vote For Jill SteinCandace Datz

Tuesday, 10/23: Why Christians Should Vote For Mitt RomneyKent Landhuis

Wednesday, 10/24: Why Christians Should Vote For Barack Obama – Josh Shope

Thursday, 10/25: Why Christians Should Not Vote At AllTripp York

Friday, 10/25: Jesus Politics Wrap Up – Zack Hunt



1. I’m sure this goes without saying, but please make sure you post about Romney on the day Romney is featured here or Obama on the day Obama is featured.

2. In order to include your link with a certain guest post as soon as it goes up, please send me the link to your corresponding post either the night before or first thing that morning. Each day’s post will be up at 9AM EST….Otherwise, you can send me the link to your post anytime during the corresponding day (or even later in the week) and I will add it to the list under the appropriate guest post.

3. Please include “Jesus Politics” in the title of your synchroblog post, i.e. something like “Jesus Politics: Why Christians Should Vote For Mitt Romney.”

4. Let’s use the hashtag #JesusPolitics on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you feel the need to use hashtags.

5. Argue your point passionately, but remember to keep your tone civil. I will not link to posts that are overly hostile or belligerent. The point of this synchroblog is to foster conversation, not destroy it.

6. Please feel free to use the Jesus Politics image above with your post, as your Facebook or Twitter profile pic that week, or as a badge on your site to let others know you’re participating in the synchroblog

7. If there’s something I’ve missed or you have a questions about anything related to the Jesus Politics  synchroblog, please ask in the comments section, that way if others have the same question, they can easily find the answer.

Thanks again to everyone who’s participating, this should be fun!