Jesus Is Coming, Better Get Your Hair Done!




Well, those crazy Brits are at it again.

First, it was a pastor leaving the ministry to become an Elvis impersonator/evangelist.

Now, a hair salon is using the Second Coming to promote their business.

When will the madness end?!

Hopefully not soon because this is rather entertaining.


‘Jesus is coming, better get your hair done’ advert deemed not offensive

The Telegraph

The advert for Barber Brown’s hair salon, which is based in Bristol but has a string of salons across the southwest of England, featured a photo of Jesus Christ bathed in light.

Text on the press advert stated: “He is coming … Better get your hair done!”

Two people complained that the advert was offensive to Christians and that the ad ‘implied that Jesus would judge people on their outward appearance’ and was offensive as it ‘depicted the Second Coming as humorous’.

A spokesman for the barber shop said that in the past flyers advertising the hairdressers had been handed to local churches and that most people were ‘positive’ about the press advert.

They said it was ‘not their intention to cause offence’ and that the advert was ‘meant to be humorous and different rather than offensive’.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) today cleared the advert, stating is had not breached guidelines.

It stated: “The ASA noted that the ad featured a depiction of Jesus bathed in light and that the text appeared to make reference to the Second Coming.

“We acknowledged that some people might find the ad distasteful.

“However, we considered that most consumers would understand that it was a light-hearted take on the biblical story rather than a mockery of Christian belief.”

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