Ja Rule Finds Jesus In "I’m In Love With A Church Girl"


Ja Rule.


Stephen Baldwin.

Need I say more?

Apparently the writers of I’m In Love With A Church Girl didn’t feel the need to say anymore either because wow.

The dialogue in the trailer??

I mean seriously.

Are Christian films like this under some legal obligation to have the worst, cheesiest, stalest dialogue ever??

“This guy is the biggest drug dealer in all of California which is exactly why we want to nail this guy.”

Come on, Stephen Baldwin, I know you’ve made some terrible movies recently, but you were in The Usual Suspects!! You’re better than that!!

And, no, I don’t wanna hear “Yeah, but he was in Bio-Dome too.” As if that’s some sort of slam.

Because, whether you want to admit it or not, we all know Bio-Dome was one of the most underrated movies of its generation.