It Takes A Church: A Dating Show Only Your Mother Would Love


It Takes A Church: A Dating Show Only Your Mother Would Love

If my single friends are clear about anything, it’s that there’s nothing less awkward or intrusive or more welcome than people at their church trying to set them up with other people at their church.

I hear it all the time, “Zack, I wish I was a competent enough human being to ask another human being out on a date, but I’m not and as everyone knows that’s the reason I am single. I just wished my church family would join with my real family and do all the work for me by setting me up with people they think I should marry. And, you know, if there were possible cash and prizes thrown in too, that would just be such a blessing.”

Well, friends, wish granted.

On June 5th, GSN will be launching It Takes A Church, “an exciting, family-friendly dating show that takes place in the best community churches in America.”

Here’s a preview, but be warned my single church friends: it can be difficult watching your dreams come true before your very eyes.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

How can I let my mom know about this amazing opportunity so she can surprise me by signing me up for the show without my consent?

Don’t worry. It’s super easy. You can either be sneaky and “accidentally” tag her when you share your obvious excitement for It Takes A Church with the world by going on Facebook and posting this application to be on the show.

Or just wait.

Because if you’re single, you go to church, and your mother has cable….

You’re gonna be on the show whether you like it or not.