Ice Cream for Jesus


“Ice Cream For Jesus” Truck in Limbo

Chris Biele, Fox40 News

A self-proclaimed former meth addict hopes to spread her drug prevention message around Manteca with the help of an ice cream truck, but her criminal past is getting in the way.

Olivia Lopez-Grajeda calls her business “Ice Cream For Jesus.” By looking at her van, currently sitting in a bakery parking lot, you’ll see message.

“My goal, I have on the back ‘Meth Destroys, God Restores,’ is to go out there and give hope to the hopeless,” said Lopez-Grajeda.

She’s not afraid to talk about her past addiction that she says was triggered by the loss of a child or her past criminal record, but it’s impacting where she drives her ice cream truck. Manteca’s Chief of Police rejecting her permit request based on it, according to the Manteca Bulletin.

“I’m trying to start my own business and they’re telling me ‘no’ because of my past. Well, I payed debt. I did my time for my crime,” said Lopez-Grajeda.

A spokesman for the department says this is pretty routine if someone has a record. Lopez-Grajeda will have a chance to take this up with the city council, which she plans on doing.

(Found at KTXL-TV)


**Unfortunately that is not the actual truck pictured above, although that would be amazing and I would definitely buy ice cream from that ice cream truck.