Fundie Friday – part 18


I know this is incredibly difficult to believe, but William Tapley’s prophecies about Obama being the “leopard king” apparently weren’t on target. Turns out he’s not the devil’s handyman after all.

Barack Obama has been converted!

Of course, as the Third Eagle keeps talking everything goes downhill as he starts picking apart the “sins” of the Arizona shooting victims. Then he takes things a bit further and connects the shooter to biblical prophecy.

And to top it all off he lets the President know that his life is in danger.

What started off as a possible sign of good turn in Tapley’s thinking, ends with him “warning” the President that he is in danger of assassination.

With whatever due respect, please stop Mr. Tapley. The tragedy in Arizona was just that: a tragedy. It wasn’t a God ordained fulfillment of prophecy. If you haven’t already, you’re getting dangerously close to going from eccentric YouTube video guy to the next Fred Phelps, Steven Anderson, or Terry Jones. Stick with your new found acceptance of President Obama and leave the Arizona tragedy alone before the Secret Service shows up at your doorstep to investigate what will seem to everyone else to be your threats against the President’s life.