How To Deal With A Terrible Church Singer




We’ve posted several videos over the last year or so of people singing in church who should have never been allowed to sing in church.

God loves them just as much as the rest of us, but he didn’t bless them with the ability to sing.

So, what is a pastor supposed to do when somebody starts to sangin’ and everyone’s ears start to bleedin’?

Well, this pastor has found a solution.

It starts with sneaking up behind them and snatching the mic away while they’re not looking. Then you follow that up by telling the congregration how awful of a singer that person was, but you’ve got to balance things out by yelling at them for not having the “boldness for God” to stand up and demonstrate their own complete lack of talent.

This may only be amusing to us because we’re both in ministry, but if you’ve got this problem at your own church, you may want to consider sharing this video with your pastor.