Forget Halloween Candy, Give Out Religious Tracts Tonight Instead




Usually we reserve tracts for Tuesdays. It makes for nice alliteration, “Tract Tuesdays.”

Today we’re making an exception because it’s Halloween and what better opportunity will you have to convert literally dozens of souls than tonight when they come so willingly to your doorstep?

Tonight, you could be generic, boring, and old fashioned, handing out candy to the trick or treaters that knock on your door.

Or you could be original, exciting, and cutting edge and hand out religious tracts instead! (Or apparently both is also an acceptable option)

With help from the American Tract Society you can Light-Up-the-Night with Jesus (because he’s “the light”, get it?) by handing out inspirational (and sometimes copyright infringing) tracts like…

“Peek A Boo: Jesus Loves You”

“Finding Your Way Home”

Or the also unabashedly copyright infringing “Toy Story 3″

It’ll only be a few hours before trick or treaters are knocking on your door, so ask for extreme rush deliver and get your neighborhood saved tonight!

**Note: All tract images are property of American Tract Society, except the cover images found in “Finding Your Way Home” and “Toy Story 3″ which are not actually their property to sell**

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