All You Do Is Sin, Sin Sin, No Matter What….



If there’s one thing that white Christians like, it’s songs that tell you exactly how to dance to that song.  In most cases, it’s the only way that white Christians know how to dance at all.  That probably explains why so many Christians love the song by DJ Khaled, “All I Do is Win.”


In the same spirit as our Thriller megapost, we are going to take a look at many different Christian versions of this modern triumph of sound.


First up is “All Ya Do Is Sin.”  This seems to be the youth pastor rendition which aims to tell his kids to stop trying to “round second base” on church trips.  Extra points for this line in the chorus: And every time a leader calls a handcheck everybody’s hands go up…. and they stay there


Our next entry is “All I Do Is Sin,” written and performed by some 7th and 8th grade boys in a youth group.  There’s not much nice to say here, but the highlight is at :25 when the chubby kid makes it rain in the youth room.  That’s gangsta, son.


Probably the most overtly evangelistic version is “All I Do Is Praise.”  Not only that, but this video looks professionally done- especially for a Christian spin-off of a well-known song.  One could easily imagine P-Diddy in this video.  And if you gonna praise put your hands in the air, make em stay there!


They may not have broken the bank on video production, but our final entry does lead the league in Scripture references.  Enjoy “All I Do Is Pray.”


So, which is your favorite?