American Jesus Madness – Salacious 16 Winners


Wow! There were some HUGE upsets this round!

Personally, I was heartbroken and shocked to see great Stephen Colbert go down so early. Come on voters!

Oh well, as Colbert would say: “the market has spoken.”

Here are your Egregious 8:

Ted Haggard 80%

Westboro Baptist 81%

Ron Luce 69%

Jack Chick 88%

Pat Robertson 69%

Rick Warren 91%

Joel Osteen 62%

May 21, 2011 81%


And here are your bracket leaders:

1. Yoav Lubelsky – 31 points

2. Schuyler St. Lawrence – 27 points

3. Tim Hickman – 26 points

(If you think we miscounted your bracket, then please feel free to let us know in a KIND email and we will recheck our math. However, please double check your emailed bracket first and make sure it wasn’t blank when you sent it to us. We would have replied to that issue earlier, but honestly we just looked at the bracket today. Apologies for that.)


REMEMBER: Voting for the Egregious 8 will begin on Monday at 9am CST, with the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse round to follow on Monday at 1pm CST.