American Jesus Madness – 1st Round Winners


Big thanks to everyone that voted in the 1st round of the inagural American Jesus Madness Tournament!

We had some big upsets, several blowouts, and a few close calls in the 1st Round.

Don’t forget that voting for the Salacious 16 begins TODAY at 1pm CST!! Afterwards we will post the winners as well as the top 3 bracket leaders.

1st Round Winners:

Interpretive Dance Lady (53%)

Ted Haggard (70%)

Westboro Baptist (68%)

Stephen Colbert (62%)

Mountaintop Jesus (60%)

Ron Luce (59%)

King James Bible (74%)

Jack Chick (86%)

Rob Bell (94%)

Pat Robertson (78%)

Rick Warren (74%)

Christian Ventriloquist (56%)

Joel Osteen (57%)

Ken Ham (75%)

Third Eagle (71%)

May 21, 2011 (80%)