American Jesus Madness – Salacious 16 Matchup Results





With over 16,000 votes cast in the Salacious 16 round, that had to have been the most exciting finish of the tournament so far!

Granted, we’ve only been doing this for 2 days, but still. Exciting nonetheless.

Rachel Held Evans made a miraculous comeback, overcoming a 500 vote deficit in the last hour to eek out a win over @FakeDriscoll.

Tolerance lost again as ‘Gay Affirming Christians’ were defeated by 98 votes by the almighty In-N-Out.

And in the closest battle so far, ‘Women’s Health’ eliminated Invisible Children by a mere 4 votes! Which, probably isn’t a terrible thing since Invisible Children sort of has more important things going on at the moment.

Just kidding. There’s nothing more important than fictitious tournaments pitting real people against abstract concepts.

Fun fact: Joel Osteen’s matchup with ‘Church Discipline’ ended up with a total of 666 votes cast.

For reals. Just saying.

Anyway, things are REALLY heating up for the Egregious 8 round. But before voting resumes again, here’s the results from all of your Salacious 16 matchups….


Salacious 16 Results

Rachel Held Evans – 3,794         @FakeDriscoll – 3, 615

In-N-Out – 1,217         Gay Affirming Christians – 1,119

Masculinity – 439         Jefferson Bethke – 286

Women’s Health – 1,331         Invisible Children – 1.327

Rational Christianity – 507         Discernment Ministries – 103

Stephen Colbert’s Lent Ashes – 595         Social Justice Christians – 425

Church Discipline – 437         Joel Osteen – 229

Tim Tebow – 561         Third Eagle of the Apocalypse – 256


And here’s the latest update for our bracket challenge leaderboard….

Bracket Challenge Leaderboard

1. Kara Govoni – 50 points

2. Clint Wrede – 36 points

3. Greg Dill – 32 points

4. Brian Daughtry – 31 points

5. Sally Duncan – 28 points


Get ready to start voting again!

Voting for the Egregious 8 round starts TODAY at 9am CST!!