American Jesus Madness 2018 – Exquisite 8 Results


American Jesus Madness 2018 – Exquisite 8 Results

I’ve gotta be honest.

I never would have guessed this final four, er, I mean 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Especially not considering some of the blowouts some of the Exquisite 8 had before heading into this round. Some continued to hold serve, like Evangelical Lady Bloggers who look like they may be a favorite to win it all, but I thought Thoughts & Prayers had finally met their match in Jen Hatmaker.

Boy, was I wrong.

Same thing about Taking A Knee. Didn’t think Donald Trump Mulligans stood a chance.

Shows what I know.

Anyway, check out the how the 4 Horsemen became our 2018 American Jesus Madness 4 Horsemen below and if you’re in the bracket challenge, well, I don’t have to tell you to take a peek at the leaderboard. You probably already have.

And as always, make sure you head back here at 9AM CDT to start voting again!!


Thoughts and Prayers – 82%          Jen Hatmaker – 18%

#ChurchToo – 94%          Evangelical Advisory Council’s Complicity – 6%

Evangelical Lady Bloggers – 94%          Ethics – 6%

Taking A Knee – 28%          Donald Trump Mulligans – 72%



1. Richard McNeeley – 88 points

2. Serena Severance – 54 points

3. Jesse Burke – 51 points

4. Stacy Demory – 43 points

4. Tom McIntosh- 43 points