American Jesus Madness 2018 – 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Results

I know I said this the last round, but I continue to be surprised by the upsets this year.

(Which I guess is what makes them upsets, but still)

Both Thoughts & Prayers and Evangelical Lady Bloggers had been destroying the competition….and then the apocalypse arrived in more ways than one.

Thoughts & Prayers finally revealed their empty promise and while Evangelical Lady Bloggers turned what started out as a blowout into a race to the finish, it was ultimately too little too late.

Which means the 2018 American Jesus Madness championship match is set!

And I suppose #ChurchToo vs. Donald Trump Mulligans is a fitting final match given all that’s happened over the past year.

As for who will win?

I honestly have no clue.

The answer is entirely up to you.

So, check out the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse results and bracket leaders below, then come back and see me at 9AM CDT to start voting for the final time.


Thoughts & Prayers – 40%          #ChurchToo – 60%

Evangelical Lady Bloggers – 48%          Donald Trump Mulligans – 52%



1. Richard McNeeley – 128 points

2. Deacon Godsey – 60 points

2. Matt Gorkos – 60 points

3. Serena Severance – 54 points

4. Jesse Burke – 51 points

5. Stacy Demory – 43 points