American Jesus Madness 2013 – The Bracket


American Jesus Madness 2013 – The Bracket

It’s here!!

Presenting the official 2013 American Jesus Madness bracket!!

A big word thanks to everyone who took the time to make nominations for the bracket! I really appreciate it.

Just in case you’re brand new to this, American Jesus Madness is my spin on March Madness (which begins next week), but instead of basketball teams, I use pop Christian culture.

Obviously these people and things can’t “play” each other, so the battles are settled by voting. Starting on Tuesday you’ll determine the winners of every match by voting in interactive polls. What are you voting on exactly?

Well, that’s up to you.

You could simply vote for which person you like better, which you like less, which one is more entertaining, which one would win in a bar fight, which one is more sane, which one is more insane, which one is a bigger jerk, or you could get really judgmental and vote on which one you think is the better or worse Christian.

Whoever or whatever gets the most votes advances on to the next round.

Frustrated that it’s not a clear, set in stone rationale? Well, sorry. It’s just for fun. Besides, isn’t irrationality exactly what American Christianity is all about anyway??

But like I’ve done in years past, I am going to help you out. On Friday, I’ll post a 1st Round match by match breakdown that will help those of you not be familiar with everyone or everything in the tournament which will provide a brief description of every single match-up to help you out with your voting.

Here’s where real fun comes in…

Just like the NCAA tourney you can download the bracket, fill it out, email it back to me, and predict the winner. And why wouldn’t you?? That’s half the fun. Besides, whoever wins will win eternal glory and have their enshrined on list of American Jesus Madness bracket champions for all time. (Just like the NCAA tourney, points are awarded for each vote, the most post points wins. The points system is listed below.)


I’ve got my breakdown of the tournament coming on Friday, but until then, I want to hear from YOU. Do you consider yourself an American Christianity aficionado? Then post your analysis or breakdown of the tournament matchups, share it with me, and I’ll link to it here. Be creative with it and above all, have fun!!


Aneel Trivedi: American Jesus Madness – First Round Picks


Anyway, that’s about it. If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

Oh yeah, and here are the all important rules and deadlines for submitting your bracket.



-You MUST be a living, breathing human being to enter (sorry, I’m prejudice like that)

-Only 1 entry per person

In order you enter you must do one (or preferably all) of the following and let me know which one(s) you did when you submit your bracket

“Like” The American Jesus on Facebook

Follow me on Twitter

Subscribe to The American Jesus

If you already do all three, share this link to the tourney on Facebook /Twitter

-I don’t have an awesome digital entry system like ESPN so you will need to download the bracket, fill it in, save it/scan it/take a picture of it/whatever, and email it back to me.

-The deadline for submitting your bracket is Monday, March 18th @ 11:59am EST 

-The tournament/voting will begin Tuesday, March 19th @ 8am EST, at which time the schedule for the following rounds will be announced

-Correct selections will be award the following points: 1st round – 1 point; 2nd round – 5 points; 3rd round – 10 points; 4th round – 20 points; championship – 40 points


Good luck!!