Your Church Needs A Worship Band? There’s An App For That!


Your Church Needs A Worship Band? There’s An App For That!



So, I’m kind of torn on this one.

Is this app an ingenious solution for churches that want to start a contemporary service, but just don’t have the musicians? Or does it demonstrate how confused we are in the church about the difference between performance and worship?

Or maybe there’s a third option out there.

What do you think?

Is this an app you would use at your church if you didn’t have enough musicians? Or would you just make do with what you have?


New “Worship Band In Hand” Mobile App Sets Out to Change the Worship Band Experience for All Churches Across the United States

RocketPop Games LLC creates Worship Band In Hand Mobile App with Producer Lee Bridges

Plano, Texas (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

RocketPop Games LLC has finished development of Worship Band In Hand “BIH”– a new mobile app for Worship Leaders in conjunction with Lee Bridges, Mixing Engineer and Producer out of Nashville, TN.

Charles Joyner, Co-Founder of RocketPop Games said, “We normally make games, but when we were approached to do the project, we just thought cool let’s do it”. Joyner has spent most of his career in game development, but took some time off to work for God for a few years and learned a lot about live production engineering. “It is interesting how this all came together, Daniel Martin a longtime friend, production manager and engineer called me up and connected Lee and I together. We thought what an awesome idea and right after we began developing”.

Worship Band in Hand is a mobile app for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). It provides Church and Worship Leaders with a backing band that can be tailored to their needs. It’s a whole worship band that fits in your hand!

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