Wives: Submit To YOUR OWN Husbands




Sometimes the Bible just isn’t very clear.

Apparently there was some confusion at this church and all the ladies thought they needed to submit to everyone else’s husbands, not just their own.

We can only imagine how complicated and messy that situation must have been.

Speaking of complicated, here’s a theological brain teaser for you:

If a woman is performing her “biblical role” as the submissive housewife and cooks breakfast for her husband, but that breakfast consists of bacon and/or sausage is she sinning (Leviticus 11:7), or do biblical rules only count when used for the purpose of manipulating and controlling others? 

Before you answer too quickly and reference Peter’s dream of the white sheet and unclean animals in Acts, remember Paul also wrote in Galatians “In Christ Jesus….there is neither male nor female.” So then, are dirty, fat pigs more acceptable in God’s eyes than female leaders?

If you answered yes to that question, then go home today, tell your wife she’s worse than a dirty, fat pig, and let us know how that goes.