Who’s The Real Hater?


The only thing Christians today like talking about more than Jesus is haters.

It’s completely ridiculous, but it’s also kinda genius if you think about.

It doesn’t matter how valid someone else’s criticism is or how incapable you are of mounting a defense, just call that person a hater and you win!

Well, if seems Jack Chick wants in on the hater action (or maybe wanted in, I have no idea how old this thing is).

You know Jack, right?

He’s the lord of the tracts. He didn’t invent them, but he refined them into an art form, a tacky and often bigoted, hateful, and sometimes even racist art form, but still art…more or less.

Anyway, apparently Jack got tired of being called a hater himself and decided to turn the tables in the best way he knew how.

With a tract.










So, just to recap because I’m a bit confused by that last part.

If you hate people you’ll be kind to them and call them “brother.”

But if you love people, it’s “Burn in hell, you dirty rats!”?

Or maybe that’s what we’re saying if we don’t give out tracts?

I don’t know, but either way, given that last picture on the right I think it’s pretty clear Jack is no fan of the Mormons.