Which Religion Cares The Most About The Homeless?


I saw this picture yesterday over at Christian Nightmares.

Apparently it was originally posted on Reddit.

There’s not much story beyond what you see in the picture, but the original poster did say the man in picture told him “The atheists are winning.”

Though, if this guy decides to go climbing it looks like the Buddhists have his back there.

Now, clearly this is just anecdotal. You can’t read too much into it. If you did, you would have to explain the countless Christian and other religious charities, soup kitchens, churches, and non-profits that help millions of homeless people around the world every day – including in whatever this guy was in.

But it is pretty fascinating to see which bowls have the most (or least) amount of money in them.

And I’ll give him this – it’s definitely a clever way of getting money.

So, would it get you to toss money in the bowl of your favorite faith to help save face (or better yet, to actually help the man)?

Or would you just keep walking by?