When Singing In Church Goes Wrong…..REALLY WRONG




There are two options for this video.

1)It’s a joke.

This is certainly possible, particularly given the round of applause this guy gets at the end. Given the fact that we hear what we think are a few laughs at the end and the difficulty we have believing that someone with such an obvious lack of singing ability would actually be allowed to sing in church, we lean towards this option.

However, we’ve been witnesses to many a bad church performance in our day. So, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that a church would do what so many churches do so often and been unable to say “no” when a lay person asked to “share their gift with God.”

Additionally, if it was a joke, shouldn’t people be laughing at what would therefore be an intentionally over the top set up for the song?  So the mystery remains….

Which leads to option #2….

2)This is by far the worst church performance in the history of bad church performances.

If this is the case, then our prayers are with this man and his church.

If real, it is our sincere hope that his congregation, nay no person whatsoever, will ever have to listen to this man “sing” ever again.