What To Do With Your Plastic Grocery Bags


What To Do With Your Plastic Grocery Bags



The pantry in my kitchen is stuffed full of old Target and Kroger bags that I use to clean up after my Great Dane when she gets done doing her business.

This church found a much better use for them and, personally, I am really impressed by their creativity, ingenuity, and compassion.


Church group finds use for plastic grocery bag, donates mats to GFTW


There are many ways to use plastic bags.

Then there are unconventional ways to use them. A local church is doing just that.

Spout Spring Baptist Church is working on a new project that involves crocheting plastic bags into mats to give to the non-profit organization Gleaning for the World.

GFTW is a humanitarian organization that ships supplies around the country as well as internationally to those in need. The supplies typically include water, clothing, medications and food.

The bible study group United in Christ at the church started the project about a month ago.

Church volunteers Karin Robertson and Hilda Whitmer say that the project was sparked after they saw an article entitled Sleeping Mats for the Homeless in Mature Living Magazine.

“I thought it was a good idea. I know how to crochet. It is an interesting project,” said Whitmer.

After seeing the article, a dozen women from the bible study began working on the project.

Walmart and Kroger have donated bags to the group. In addition to donations, bible study members bring in bags.

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